Books kids will love — poetic affirmations to help them feel good about themselves — and their world.

Edie’s books for kids are a refreshing look at life through a child’s eyes. Filled with messages of wisdom, laughter, and love, they are children’s books that will appeal to the little child in all of us. Edie’s messages of hope and empowerment are achieved through poems to children, which are thoughtful, playful, and enduring. They actually become poems from children, as she connects with her inner child. Her colourful, whimsical illustrations make them books kids will love to come back to, and share with parents, siblings, and friends.

While most children’s books address one issue that children may struggle with, and present a solution that encourages kids to laugh and to think; Edie’s catchy poems to children, each cover a different situation; making them books for kids to bring out and share, one poem at a time. The themes of her poems run from confusion over “Wait” Training, observations about a strange side effect of playing on computers, to loving hugs and encouragement from moms, dads, and grandparents. They will strike a nostalgic chord and come back to mind, in the form of smiles, long after they are read.

As adults, we tend to forget how big our childhood fears were at the time; we also forget some of the things that gave us pure joy and tremendous excitement.  Drawing on her own childhood experiences, growing up in the Manotick and Osgoode communities of Ontario, Edie’s poems on children, and her artwork, take us back to some of those times and events.

She chose the ‘Puddle’ theme that runs through her children’s books as a metaphor for life, and the effects of every ripple, starting with those first actions and reactions that begin in childhood. Some of them are playful, some hurtful, and some of them wonderfully powerful – some are like pebbles, others like larger stones, dropped into life’s puddle. It is a wonderful tool for encouraging many ‘I Can Too!’ moments.